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A joint strategic 'project only partnership' between Amcalon and UK based 'Forward Trust' has been developed. This is to further the research and development of an artificial, synthetic blood substitute. 12 necro-mortosis positive test subjects will be closely monitored following the administration of a full blood transfusion. Results to be announced pending completion in late 2016 - early 2017.

An infant with trace elements of the necro-mortosis strain has been cured. Total eradication of the mortosis virus, incorporating a trifecta dosage of antiretroviral drugs -- XL-6, 3TC and Nevirapine. Seven days later, the virus was undetectable in her body and remained undetectable five weeks later. Further studies are to be determined.

XL-6 testing has been temporarily withdrawn. Compound entry inhibitor (XL-6), early entry inhibitor (XL-6), intergrase (retroviral) inhibitor, fixed dose combination (FDC) did not achieve target isolation testing expectations.

Phase four testing of the XL-6 inhibitor has been halted following less than satisfactory results from test subjects. Regeneration of cell tissue, although significant, did not bind. Test subjects all succumbed to necro-mortosis within 12 hours.

Amcalon Corporation opens new test research facility in Singapore. "We hope to be a valuable part of the community here." says Eugine Kuo, CEO of Asian operations.


Amcalon Corporation to receive part of the $787 billion economic stimulus package. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) will provide $300M in research grants to Amcalon Corporation to further develop the XL-6 inhibitor and other bio testing.

Senate agrees to extra $300M research funding for XL-6 inhibitor.

XL-6 enters Phase four testing. Six test markets announced for XL-6 necro-mortosis inhibitor. All market sections are confidential at this point in time. Test period to continue under full assessment for up to six months.

XL-6 necro-mortosis inhibitor stem cell research to continue.
Amcalon stocks gain 47%

US  has repealed outgoing administrations ban on stem-cell research.

Amcalon will be represented at the World Health Authority summit in Geneva on 10/12/08. A special XL-6 review board committee will be presented with the latest update on the inhibitor.

A second victim of contracted necro-mortosis has successfully recovered from early to mid stage necrotic contamination. Neus Vargas, a 67 year old woman was administered the XL-6 inhibitor along with a similar medical procedure used on Sile Koch in Germany's Hannover hospital last month.

Vargas is said to be showing promising signs of a complete recovery from her earlier necrotic state.

WHA approve financial XL-6 investment
Following the recent success on phase two testing in Hannover hospital, Germany. Amcalon is pleased to announce that the World Health Authority has agreed to a 15% cost leverage of all XL-6 mortosis inhibitor testing through phase two development.

Victim of undead attack administered XL-6 - in full recovery
A recent victim of a reanimate attack in Germany is continuing to make a full recovery following a procedure that included the administration of the XL-6 inhibitor.

The test drug was in a phase two preliminary 'standby' mode. It's usage, strictly coded and enforced, was used along with a  heating treatment designed to  maintain the  infected patients  core temperature.

The patient,
Silke Koch, has since been released from hospital care and continues her recovery at an undisclosed location.

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